Saturday, 13 March 2010

Looong overdue

I have been keeping to the 1 drawing a day rule, I just haven't had the time (or use of a scanner) to post them, and since I doubt I'm going to get to upload the entirety of 'em - just a handful of pieces I've finished/been working on will pop up. I think I'm getting a little better :)

purtopus (the purple octopus)

posh purtopus, the piece I submitted for the 'Bowler Hats & Monocles' exhibition : )

first completed painting for my 'song titles turned into illustrations' project :]

sligtly-better-but-still-needs-improvement spaced tribute sketch

experimenting with the spray bottle cheap felt tips trick, mmm colours

right, I'm off to pack up my room and collapse into a comfortable sleepy heap, g'night.

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