Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Xmas eve!

I've only just got over a complete lack of inspiration brought on by the xmas rush and stress and present-buying-wrapping-making-etc. But now it's back and I thought I'd quickly share a few things from this week

Christmas card for best friend, not being able to convert RGB to CMYK = stupid colour difference. She likes faeries/fairy's and I wanted one to create some snow :]

is kind of supposed to be a new end-of-year ID, except it looks a little too sinister to be me and really I was just trying out a different style. I liked the idea of working on something other than white background.

David Tennant! :) felt like doing a quick sketch-tribute to him as the doctor, like how it turned out :)

that's all for now folks, gotta go help cook/eat ingredients of said cooking for tomorrow

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