Friday, 6 November 2009

YETI, and book cover challenge

The yeti part comes later, but first here's some of the things from Thursday's drawing lesson, which was made great by the fact we got to sit down on chairs, and design book covers : )

chosen pic people liked out of the set of the blonde, next to Nathan's design which I must now re-incarnate into 10 new pieces

Three more, I didn't really feel the 'free fall' one, loved the legs achieved in 'The Tempter'

The windows one which was my favourite (and the nicer copy has been passed on for the same treatment as Nathan's) really love the simplicity which I didn't think I would since I'm such a sucker for detail.

Ok, that's my six, now onto the Yeti I came up with today for xmas card ideas:

First attempt, didn't like the blue-eyes in the end, kinda wish I hadn't inked over it.

Three yeti-expressions, happy with those

experimented with eyebrows and scarf place-age :] fave is in the top center

I like this one :) was also trying to think of a frozen breakfast he might have but just settled on coffeee (which I don't drink, strangely).

And here's one of the final ideas :D I hope you can vaguely see the reindeer legs and understand my slight-dark-humor knows no bounds! Not even christmas ;)
I hope to send this out to the whooole family in December, haha.

You can click for the whole thing but be warned it be Huge. ready for print.

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