Friday, 27 November 2009

It's christmas already?

that answers my question : )

My workshops are going swimmingly so far and sketchbook is fun because I'm menacing a hardcover book which already has writing and pictures in, no more blank-page-syndrome for me!

the rest is just photo-dumpage from the past few weeks, I've finally got my arse in gear and the xmas cards should soon be ready for sale and give-age

felixstowe, trying a vintage-camera feel

fireworks night :) just a shame I missed most of them

messing around in xmas shops

there was a bunch of flowers tied to this lampost & I'm assuming it was a memorial site, so I wanted to capture it nicely with pretty colours (the evening helped with this)

blurry london waterfront, gaah
also I'm popping into the townhall craft fair tomorrow, looking forward to browsing 'I make fun stuff' : ]

I leave you with the Best rendition of pokerface after Christopher Walken ;)

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