Sunday, 11 October 2009

Under the weather

Haven't been feeling that great today, been working but slightly brain-dead-ly.
Sure I'll have plenty of College work to post up tomorrow,
but for tonight here's the newest doodles etc.

First off is one of the t-shirts I've been designing, a kind of tribute to pacman
It would make sense that the reason he's constantly going round risking his life for those little yellow dots
is because they are infact cookies. Everyone likes cookies : P
I didn't know if the 'om nom nom' was too much but I wanted to make it funny; eventhough I know some people won't get it.
(The tea design was/is way more of a bitch to design in Illustrator and is taking longer)

Then it's my little doodle inspired by twitter, oh twitter ¬.¬

coloured it in photoshop for a bit but not sure which version I like better

right, I'm off again, ttfn.

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