Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Just a quick splurge of personal work from yesterday, I do kinda worry blogging these up will just make the tutors think, "But what about your college stuff?" but it is there, just not digitized and bloggable (not a word?) yet.
As usual with blogspot click to see bigger images and whatnot.

My friend Aidan has wanted me to draw him as a werewolf for a while (I don't ask questions, I just draw stuff) and I had a spare 10 minutes so I doodled this; shame you can't see the detail from where his werefeet have ripped through his converse. And I had to draw him with a kitten because...he has a lot of 'em. Kitten expression needs improvement.

These are ideas for a new t-shirt design I be designing (so much grammatical sense right thar) and I will do better versions of them later, my fave being the bottom middle one. But might change the sugar into lumps for greater comedy effect when adding swimwear. Also a pacman-cookie-themed one in the works too.

Apologies for the legs, they're quite terrible. But I love my expression : P
Ofcourse this is only a slight dig at student life, since I have been here for far too long and some reckon I'm as old as the old building (I'm not).
Plus I did ask to be here and wouldn't keep coming back if I didn't like it
since buying art supplies has put me into minor student-related debt ; )
Also done at like 1/2am for maximum strange word arrangement.
Credit also goes to the Pixies for making/naming such a great song.

Right, that's all for now, better go get ready to sign workshop boards before the general population has even woken up to watch Jeremy kyle.

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