Monday, 12 October 2009

College Work part uno

Ok, so here is the first bunch of jpegs to show what I've been up to in Digital Art & Design for the past weeks, (bearing in mind I'm a total scatterbrain and have lost one of my new usbs with some of the initial work on it yargh) I found them! Huzzah. Still without usb though.
anyway, aren't you excited? aaaand, GO
This was my first attempt, experimentation all the way, no idea what I was trying to achieve, but that's a good thing right?

This one was slightly more thought-out, composition is taking charge and pulling it all together. The best use of an SU flyer by far : P

The little feather made a nice scan, I like this result the only other thing I thought about doing was making the sticky-out feather bits at the top extend past the top edge of the page

I really like this one, probably because it's a bit more abstract, and the happy accidentthat the glue-blue bit in the top left corner looks like a head and became the focal point of the piece.

Again something a bit different, starting to experiment with text and encorporated one of my illustrations into the background for a change of mood.

This was my attempt at simple-ing it up a bit and I decided to use some handwritten elements to make the final outcome more dynamic, while obscuring it in parts to add a feeling of depth.

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