Monday, 12 October 2009

College Work part deux

Here's what I've bee doing the rest of today, my eyes are starting to turn into squares..

very simplistic, but could have many many many meanings. I can spot at least three.

And that's possibly one of the final pieces, I like the mood, it's supposed to represent that winter days are like fragments of a whole (all cold and some snowy) and the sharp little pieces symbolize the harsh and depressing nature of winter...any clues that I don't like winter?
Why oh why could I not have a summer birthday... Oh well at least it's blue-tinted.
Love the fact the feather acts as a 'screen break' or 'print break' of the scene and is such a good juxtaposition of the light winter bits and is just really nice to look at.
Happy with this one : )

(although my inner perfectionist is telling me the painted lines are still too obvious, shut up brain there's no such thing as perfection).

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