Friday, 23 October 2009

Caring is creepy

Today is a whole day of work, I'm trying to split it right down the middle for personal/college, but it never really turns out that way.
I have lots on my mind.

So, gonna blog-splurge the personal out the way first, then it'll be strictly college work for the rest of today : ) Also going to scan in my tutorial projects so they can get marked at some point.

There's a bit of mixture today, some cartoons and some digital paintings:
Entitled Blueface. Painted this when I was feeling flu-y, there's sposed to be a distinguishable face/head but it does look a bit abstract (at one point I saw a blue penguin with a kind of key symbol on it's stomach), wanted to digitalize it a bit more to have more depth but apart from chopping the hair a bit more nothing else has looked 'right' so for now I'm leaving it. Two versions since the invert is nice too.

I stumbled across a meme on deviantart where someone had made a template to get people to submit timeline-type images of the Past You to the Present. I thought it was a fun idea; would look neater in typed writing though : P
I think clicking will give you full-image.

Finally this is a mash-up of one of my previous digital art pieces with a simple illustration to give it more oomph.
I don't know why I drew a mouse except for the fact it could hold a firefly that way. I've always drawn their ears that way (damn you Tom & Jerry!) and I was listening to that Smiths song at the time; hence the lyrics :)

Finally finally, as a way to make this blog a bit more personal, here's the song I am currently listening to

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